Best Testosterone Boosters For Men Over 60 (September 2023)

Best Testosterone Boosters For Men Over 60

Testosterone decline is typical as men advance in age, but they experience a significant reduction by the time they reach 60. This can be because of many reasons, the primary ones being reduced functioning of the pituitary gland as well as testicles as a result of aging.
Now, although there are many ways to fix this issue, testosterone boosters are deemed to be safer and impressively effective, particularly for aged men, because they are natural and are free from any harmful steroids.

Aside from improving testosterone output, these dietary supplements are made to provide an overall benefit to the body by bridging the nutritional gap.

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the best testosterone boosters ideal for men above 60:

The Best For Men Over 60


TestoPrime Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

Rating: 5/5

  • Significantly boosts testosterone in aging men
  • Reverses age-related low testosterone issues
  • Improves energy, endurance, and mental clarity
Second Best


Testogen Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

Rating: 4.8/5

  • Safe and organic formula ideal for aging men
  • Triggers testosterone synthesis
  • Eliminates fatigue and strengthens bones and muscles

1) TestoPrime – The Best For Men Over 60

TestoPrime Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

TestoPrime ranks number 1 among the best testosterone boosters available in the market and it is also our top pick for various convincing reasons. The supplement has a comprehensive formulation with 12 science-backed organic ingredients that work together to mitigate the issues associated with testosterone decline in men above 60.

All the ingredients in TestoPrime’s blend are thoughtfully picked for optimum health benefits. However, some of the most potent testosterone-boosting ones like D-Aspartic acid, fenugreek, green tea extract, and ginseng are added to this supplement in abundance (while keeping in mind the clinical recommendation) to tackle low testosterone issues more effectively.

D-aspartic acid, for instance, triggers the release of luteinizing hormone which in return stimulates testosterone production directly. Green tea, on the other hand, promotes fat loss which is crucial in fixing hormone issues.

The best part about TestoPrime is that its formula is completely natural with no artificial fillers and steroids which makes it a safe alternative for older men whose body processes become sensitive with age. Each ingredient is FDA-approved and has enough scientific data to support its safety and efficacy. It is also vegan-friendly given that all the components are derived from plants which makes it open to diverse groups of men.

The daily recommended dose of TestoPrime is 4 capsules a day in the morning, before breakfast.

TestoPrime Ingredients List

IngredientDosage Per Serving
D-aspartic acid2,000 mg
Green tea extract200 mg
Fenugreek seed extract200 mg
Ashwagandha extract55.68 mg
Ginseng40 mg
Zinc40 mg
Pomegranate extract8 mg
Garlic extract16 mg
Black Pepper Extracts (95% PIperine)6.68 mg
Vitamin B58 mg
Vitamin B65.6 mg
Vitamin D326.68 mcg

TestoPrime Pros

  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Powerful, safe, and fast action formula
  • Enhances the body’s ability to boost testosterone
  • Promotes muscle growth and strength
  • Boosts energy and improves mood
  • Offers 100% lifetime money-back assurance
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly

TestoPrime Cons

  • Best results when combined with a proper workout and diet regime
  • Can be pricey but discounts are available.

Customer Reviews On TestoPrime

TestoPrime has received numerous positive customer reviews and 5-star ratings which speak volumes about the supplement’s legitimacy. While many people have appreciated its muscle-gaining, strengthening, and repairing potential, many users have also said that it has helped them regain their male vigor which often tends to get lost with age.

2) Testogen – Very Impactful For Men Over 60.

Testogen Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

The second best in line is Testogen, which has managed to garner a massive customer base within the last nine years of its release. Made with a combination of highly potent ingredients, this supplement offers a nutritional boost to the body. This not only enhances the body processes associated with restoring testosterone levels but also improves sexual health, mood, muscle functioning, and cognitive functions which tend to get affected with age.

Testogen promises to increase and preserve testosterone levels in three primary ways. It slows down the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (which usually increases with age) with ingredients like fenugreek and boron. It increases the production of luteinizing hormone which then signals the Leydig cells in the testicles to increase testosterone output with the help of D-aspartic acid. Furthermore, it works to increase the free testosterone in the bloodstream to make it useful for the body.

What I’m impressed about Testogen is that it contains more amount of D-aspartic acid
(a key testosterone booster) than any other testosterone boosters on the market at present. In addition to that, the inclusion of some vital nutrients like vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, and B6 among others makes it very impactful for men over 60.

Testogen’s recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day and it comes in both capsule form as well as instant booster drops. Like the capsules, the booster drops are also a blend of some potent nutrients and herbs which help boost energy levels spontaneously. The manufacturer suggests combining Testogen’s capsules and booster drops can give more accentuated results. However, it is best to take them at different times for maximum benefit.

Testogen Ingredient List (Capsules)

IngredientsDosage Per Serving
D-aspartic Acid2,352 mg
Magnesium200 mg
Vitamin D350 mcg
Nettle Root Extract40 mg
Fenugreek40 mg
Panax Ginseng Extract40 mg
Vitamin B620 mg
Vitamin K120 mcg
Zinc10 mg
Boron8 mg
Black Pepper5 mg

Testogen Ingredient List (Drops)

L-Arginine500 mcg
Zinc1.5 mg
Vitamin D30.75 mcg

Testogen Pros

  • Nutritional boost to the body
  • Safe alternative to testosterone therapy
  • Clinically-proven ingredients
  • Increases and retains free testosterone
  • Works at the root level- Leydig cells
  • It comes in two forms- drops and capsules

Testogen Cons

  • Requires consistent use for a few weeks for visible results
  • Availability is limited to the official website

Customer Reviews On Testogen

Customers who have been using Testogen for a long time have given positive feedback on the supplement. Most of them mentioned how it has helped them regain their vitality, improved their sex drive, and eliminated the symptoms of deficiency. Many have also shared before and after pictures to demonstrate its efficacy.

3) Transparent Labs Vitality

Transparent Labs Vitality Best Testosterone Boosters For Men Over 60

Transparent Labs Vitality, as evident from its name, is a testosterone booster formulated for improving testosterone levels and is suitable for Men over 60’s. However, that is not the only thing it does. It is curated to reinstate the vitality and youth vigor in aging men. This means this supplement offers overall well-being by improving muscle gains, preserving lean muscles, enhancing sexual functioning and libido, and regulating weight – all of which are directly associated with healthy testosterone production.

Vitality uses a combination of 8 clinically proven natural ingredients that target different parts of the body to optimise the testosterone output. For instance, while it protects the Leydig cells in the testicles by improving luteinizing hormone (LH) production which in return boosts the testosterone response, it also ensures a balance between testosterone to cortisol (Stress hormone) ratio. In addition to that, Vitality’s formula inhibits aromatase activity and prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Transparent Labs Vitality has a unique combination of ingredients that are different from what some of the top boosters in the market have. The most prominent of them include Eurycoma longifolia extract, ashwagandha, shilajit extract, and Quercetin Dihydrate. While Quercetin Dihydrate is found to protect oxidative stress thus improving testosterone release, Eurycoma longifolia is known for its ability to improve male sexual health by increasing the total testosterone concentration.

Vitality involves a dosage of two capsules a day and its formulation is free from any artificial fillers which makes it potentially safe to consume.

Transparent Labs Vitality Ingredient

IngredientsDosage Per Serving
Zinc15 mg
Organic Ashwagandha Extract600 mg
Quercetin Dihydrate250 mg
Shilajit250 mg
DIM (Diindolylmethane)125 mg
Eurycoma longifolia extract100 mg
Bioperine®10 mg
Boron5 mg

Vitality Pros

  • Complete boost to male vitality
  • Aims to improve free and total testosterone
  • Improves strength and performance
  • Boosts mood and sexual well being
  • Lowers stress by reducing cortisol levels
  • Subscription offers better deals and savings

Vitality Cons

  • Dosage involves only two pills a day
  • Availability is limited to the official website

Customer Reviews On Vitality

The reviews on Vitality are positive with some great ratings as well. Most of the users have appreciated its ability to boost energy and improve endurance. Some men have also shared how it helps them recover faster after training sessions and reduce weight.

4) Prime Male

Prime Male Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

Prime Male is a great testosterone-boosting supplement formulated to particularly cater to the needs of men falling in the age group 50 and above. It is manufactured by a popular health and fitness brand called Roar Ambition.

The primary goal of Prime Male is to revive and regulate testosterone levels when there is a deficiency. However, its formulation also offers various other secondary benefits like improving libido, reducing fatigue by boosting energy, promoting lean muscle mass growth, and an overall improvement in athletic performance. Aside from that, if you feel that you are being forgetful, and unable to remember things, then Prime Male is your go-to. It supports brain health by sharpening memory and improving cognitive capabilities which tend to slow down with age.

You are probably wondering whether all these claims made by the supplement are true. Well, it ultimately comes down to their ingredient blend. Each of the ingredients used in Prime Male has scientific data proving its potential.

Boron used in Prime Male has been proven to increase free testosterone in the blood by inhibiting the activities of aromatase and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). D-Aspartic acid, ashwagandha, ginseng, and magnesium are all widely accepted as some of the most potent ingredients that can positively influence testosterone in their own ways.

The best part of Prime Male is that it comes in two different formulations – Vitality Complex and Enhance. If you need some serious improvement in your testosterone health and at the same time reverse the age-related symptoms, combining the two can give you significant results.

Ingredient List Of Prime Male (Vitality Complex)

IngredientsDosage Per Serving
D-aspartic Acid1,600 mg
Ashwagandha300 mg
Panax Ginseng Extract120 mg
Luteolin60 mg
Vitamin D350 mcg
Zinc30 mg
Vitamin B67.5 mg
Boron5 mg
Nettle Root Extract160 mg
Vitamin K245 mcg
Black Pepper10 mg
Magnesium100 mg

Prime Male Pros

  • Significant improvement in testosterone in men over 60
  • Improves mood, memory, and mental clarity
  • Helps regain youth vitality
  • Increases stamina, sexual and workout performance
  • Comes in two formulas than can enhance the effect when combined

Prime Male Cons

  • Dosage involves four pills to be distributed throughout the day

Customer Reviews On Prime Male

Prime Male has garnered overwhelmingly high positive reviews from its users. Men who have used it consistently with a proper diet and exercise routine are impressed by the efficacy of the supplement and its quick results. Prime Male has been testified by many famous personalities as well.

5) Testodren

Testodren Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 60

The final one on our list of top testosterone boosters for men over 60 is Testodren manufactured by Primegenix. While this supplement may not be as popular as the others, there are some really good reasons why it made it here. One of the main reasons is Testodren’s formula is specifically curated to regulate the testosterone levels in older men who are between the ‘40 to over 60’ age group.

The unique thing which makes Testodren stand out is its extremely simple single-ingredient formula backed by clinical data. Unlike the other boosters, it uses one patented compound ‘Furosap’. Furosap has a substance called protodioscin derived from fenugreek, one of the most potent testosterone-boosting ingredients. It is believed to have superior potential than the regular fenugreek. As claimed by the manufacturer, Testodren can improve testosterone levels by 72.87%.

Now, the influence of this compound on testosterone is definitely one thing, having the simplest natural formulation like this also keeps any reactions from allergens at bay. This is why it can be a great option for men over 60 whose immune systems might become more sensitive with age.

Testodren helps the body produce more testosterone by working from the foundation level, like encouraging you to train harder by eliminating fatigue, empowering you with more strength and endurance, boosting energy, and accelerating muscle growth, and rapid muscle recovery.

The daily recommended dosage of Testodren is just 1 capsule which is cream on the cake.

Ingredient List Of Testodren

IngredientsDosage Per Serving
Furosap®500 mg

Testodren Pros

  • One powerful ingredient
  • Least chances of allergic reactions
  • Improves muscle growth and strength
  • Tackles testosterone issues from root
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • One pill a day dosage
  • Ideal for men over 60

Testodren Cons

  • Only available in official website

Customer Reviews On Testodren

Most of the positive reviews on Testodren indicate that this supplement has been very effective in increasing the energy and aiding in faster weight loss which is key to improving testosterone production. Some users also noticed toned and stronger muscles after using it consistently for a few weeks.


Age is one of the biggest factors influencing testosterone output. While you cannot stop this phenomenon completely, delaying its effect or even restoring testosterone to a significant extent can be under your control. Testosterone boosters are a great way to do so because they are safe and natural and do not cause adverse effects on the body. Aside from that they also offer many other health gains by bridging the nutrition deficiency in the body leading to an overall wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe For Men Above 60?

Top testosterone boosters available in the market are made in highly regulated facilities and use superior quality, FDA-approved natural ingredients which are generally safe for the body. They are thus safe for men of all age groups above 18.

How Long Do Testosterone Boosters Take To Show Results?

Testosterone boosters’ results can vary from person to person depending on factors like lifestyle, diet, and exercise regime. In general, you can see the difference any time between two to four weeks’ time when taken consistently.

Should I Work Out Regularly When Taking Testosterone Supplements?

Yes. Testosterone supplements show the best results only when you follow a proper workout regime and take healthy food.