Ministere des Affaires Sociales et de la Sante (MASSDF)The French Ministry of Solidarity and Health is responsible, among others, for the definition and the monitoring of public health policies for elderly people. For many years, the Ministry has developed national plans for this population. A pilot experiment called PAERPA, for “health pathway for elderly people at risk of loss of autonomy”, is currently on-going.

This experimentation of coordinated interventions and a common framework will contribute to the adaptation of the health care system which is supported by the national health strategy and the 2016 health law. Furthermore a dedicated law for adapting society to ageing is currently being implemented. The prevention component of this law has led to a national plan which guides local policy-makers to experiment new actions for preventing or delaying disability among elderly.

Thus the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health is involved in experiments of models of care. It is willing to share its experience following a forward-looking perspective, with the contribution of national health agencies, research teams, professional organisations and other stakeholders.