Regione Marche (ARS)The Regional Agency for Health – ARS (Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria) – is the operative arm of the Health Service (Servizio Sanità), which is the organizational structure of the Regional Council responsible for Health in the Marche Region, in central Italy.

The Health Service, besides its roles of economic, financial planning and strategic regional control, performance monitoring, and issues related to human resources and accreditations, manages the development of the Health and Social- Health Regional Plan, with the view of promoting socio-health integration. It manages the development of the Regional Social Plan, with particular care for older people, as well as the third sector, and no profit firms.

It also manages policies related to family; childhood and youth; among others and it is responsible for programming the system concerning the supply of health. In addition, it coordinates the implementation of guidelines for health policy, it programs and monitors health expenditure, it coordinates and monitors the actions of the local agencies of the national health system. Also within the institution of the Marche Region, including ARS there is very tight cooperation between the social and the health sector, in the acute and the community fields, and the University.

Affiliated entities:

Campania Region (Federico II University Hospital)
Campania Region (Federico II University Hospital)

Federico II University Hospital (FOUND) is an excellence health care facility in Southern Italy, that hosts over 50 Specialist Courses and master Degrees of Federico II University Medical School. It provides in-hospital admittance, day-hospitals, day-services and outpatient activities. The Hospital hosts the Departments of Clinical Medicine, Clinical Neurosciences, Anesthesiology and Drug Utilization, Internal Medicine and Pathology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Surgery that manage a broad range of diseases, including the most frequent chronic conditions, often affecting the elderly population.

Thanks to the presence of so many sectors, and to the coexistence of teaching, research and health care the hospital provides many opportunities to develop interdisciplinary activities. From 2013, FOUND R&D Unit manages the Campania Reference Site of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP-AHA).

Emilia Romagna Region-Regional Health and Social Agency

Emilia Romagna Region-Regional Health and Social AgencyThe Regional Agency for Health and Social care (ASSR) works within the general context of the Regional Health Service and of the Integrated System of social interventions and services and it is involved, in particular, in promoting and addressing research in health services and developing research projects to experiment innovative methods and technologies.

Since 2012 the Emilia-Romagna Region, through the ASSR, is EIP-AHA Reference Site to promote an active and healthy ageing and has dealt with the issues of adherence to prescription, falls prevention and independent living. At present, the Regional Agency’s interest is focused on integrated care and frailty, also coordinating the Sunfrail project.

Liguria Region

Liguria RegionLiguria Region is the Regional Health Authority – the programming body of health and social policies. It has been the first region to issue a law on active ageing and has developed during the years a wide range of policies addressed to older people, including initiatives against isolation and in favour of prevention.

Being the Italian region with the highest ageing rate, it is the ideal laboratory to test innovative policies and services designed to tackle frailty and pre-frailty. Liguria is a Reference Site of the EIP-AHA.


Piedmont Region (IRES Piedmont)

Piedmont Region (IRES Piedmont)logo ires pIt is the research body endorsed by the Regional Authority as regards the support in socioeconomic and public health issues. It is involved in Action group B3.

One good practice present on the regional area was recognised as valuable and innovative through a peer-review process: the Family and Community Nursing academic programme. A network of professionals in the region is participating in the Action Groups created in Brussels by the EIP-AHA, specifically: B3, A1, A2 and A3. Piemonte RS is part of the EU Network of Reference Sites.

Svim – Sviluppo Marche Spa Unipersonale Company (SVIM)

Svim – Sviluppo Marche Spa Unipersonale Company (SVIM)SVIM is the Regional Development Agency of Marche Region and represents the Region’s centre of competence to transform programs for local development into EU and international projects. It has worked since 2001 with more than 450 EU, cross-border and international project partners. SVIM provides a crucial link between the needs of territory and Government policies in a bottom up approach.

SVIM has a key role in working in close partnership with local public and private stakeholders, Universities and Centers for innovation and technology transfer while promoting innovative services to regional SMEs (encouraging new startups, supporting cluster development, attracting investment, favoring innovation and cross fertilization, etc.). SVIM is acting a wide regional and transnational strategy to strengthen competitiveness and sustainable growth of the territory.