Institut Scientifique de Sante Publique (WIV-ISP)The Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) is a Belgian federal scientific institution. Its mission is to provide support for public health policy through scientific research, expert opinions and service provision.

Based on scientific research, WIV-ISP formulates recommendations and solutions in respect of priorities for a proactive health policy at the Belgian, European and international levels. WIV-ISP assesses the status of health and health indicators on the basis of scientific methods that it approves, develops and analyses within a certified quality framework.

The institute also develops advanced solutions for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of current and emerging diseases, as well as the identification and prevention of health risks, including those resulting from the environment. One of the tasks of WIV-ISP is to analyse and understand public health and well-being and the way they are defined by specific determinants.

It monitors public health trends and organizes surveillance systems for a series of diseases and health indicators. It also assesses the impact of lifestyle, policy decisions and interventions on public health, conducts healthcare services research to improve the quality of healthcare, and informs public health stakeholders involved in policy making.