WP3 Evaluation of the JAJAHEE JA evaluation activities (WP3) focus on systematic and objective assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of the Joint Action through a set of indicators. It continuously searches for deficiencies and proposes modifications/improvement to the management. The aim is to verify that the JA is being implemented as planned and reaches the expected aims, results, and impact in the agreed timeframe.

WP3 will assess whether the objectives of the JA have been achieved and the needs of the stakeholders have been met. The deliverables and milestones of the JA will be assessed from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

Among the tasks foreseen in WP3 there are:

– create an evaluation strategy plan with a list of indicators on process, output and outcomes;
– establish an alert system for all partners;
– monthly review meetings with WP leaders to verify whether the planned activities have been performed and highlight any difficulties arisen;
– assessment questionnaires for partners and stakeholders;
– reports to the Coordinator team to allow them to promptly act in case of discordances with the original plan for activities.