WP1 Coordination of the JA

Action Coordinator

The JA Coordinator is responsible of WP1. He is supported by a Deputy Coordinator.

They give technical and management support to help the partners in developing their own work. In practical terms it means the overall supervision of contents, activities, role of partners involved, and production of deliverables and achievement of established milestones for each WP that will lead to the achievement of the expected aim and results of ADVANTAGE JA.

Typical tasks for the Coordinator Team include the following:

- Coordinate and manage JA work.

- Monitor JA progress and performance.

- Ensure that JA outputs are delivered on time.

- Identify risks, problems, and issues, and escalate them as appropriate.

- Manage communication within the JA.

- Prepare progress and other reports.

- Arrange meetings and write the minutes.

- Manage JA resources, including the budget.

- Coordinate work on any legal agreements (e.g. Consortium Agreement).

- Set-up the Governance Structure.

- Set-up the methodology for work and the management structure.

- Prepare background documents.

- Maintain JA documentation and archive.

WP1 has set-up the ADVANTAGE JA Secretariat to support on the organization of the different parts of the JA and to make partners and things work in a controlled and efficiently way to achieve the expected results as scheduled.


Coordinator (WP1 Leader): Hospital Universitario de Getafe, SERMAS. 

WP1 co-leader: Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Clínico de la Comunitat Valenciana, Fundación Incliva.