WP8 Extending and expanding the knowledge on frailty to foster innovative policy on frailty

Extending and Expanding the knowledge on frailty to foster innovative policy on frailty

WP8 will address the role of training and research to increase the health workforce capacity to care for frail older people and to expand the knowledge about frailty. The focus will be especially on scaling up the frailty prevention approach.

To this end WP8 will follow two complementary routes, both important for policy makers, professionals, as well as patients and their carers:
1. improving the training of the health workforce by identifying existing gaps and developing recommendations for a competence based educational approach on frailty, adjusted to MSs public healthcare systems. This will enable the health workforce to support scaling-up of new models of care which respond to the needs of frail patients;
2. developing mechanisms that ensure appropriate procedures to promote amongst stakeholders better knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage frailty.

WP8 will build on these ideas and the results and recommendations from the previous WP4 to WP7. Information will be transferred to policy decision-makers and health care planners to ensure informed decisions are taken on future plans and services dedicated to frail, or at risk for frailty older people.

WP8 recommendations and results will be discussed in an Expert Panel (EP) meeting to draw conclusions and refine content. Following the EP comments, a state of the art report (SoAR) will be finalised. The SoAR will be subsequently incorporated into the final Frailty Prevention Approach (FPA) document.


WP8 Leader: Medizinische Universitat Graz

WP8 co-leader: Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Clínico de la Comunitat Valenciana, Fundación Incliva