Gerodent is an oral health care project which has implemented a preventive and curative oral health care program in a network of 70 nursing homes in Belgium (Flanders) since 2010.

This program includes :
1. the implementation of the guideline «Oral health care Guideline for Older people in Long-term care Institutions» (OGOLI) and the daily oral health care protocol derived from the guideline;
2. the education of nurses and nursing aides, including hands-on training;
3. the introduction of oral care aides in the different wards of the nursing homes and one oral health coordinator per nursing home;
4. regular visits of a mobile dental team to support the nursing staff and to deliver preventive and curative oral health care.
Evaluation has shown that after seven years the oral healthcare program Gerodent significantly reduced the treatment backlog and contributed to a considerable proportion of residents being stable in terms of oral health without any incident treatment needs. The program resulted in a significant increase of the care staff knowledge and attitude regarding oral health. An increasing attention to oral health care can be observed but permanent efforts are needed to ensure this progression continues. A cost-effectiveness evaluation study of the programme is currently being planned.
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