A number of events, organised by participant organisations of the ADVANTAGE Joint Action (JA) took place in different MSs in June to present the JA to Stakeholder groups and establish potential ways of cooperation with them. Health and Social local, regional and national authorities, as well as NGOs and Institutions representing older citizens attended the meetings.
The main topics addressed were:

  • presentation of ADVANTAGE and the potential role of stakeholders;
  • frailty and its consequences at individual and population level;
  • current examples of frailty related activities;
  • Time for debate was allocated after each section and at the end of the meetings.

Attendance and participation was high, with attendees coming from different areas of the regions and the events met the expectations of the audience. Stakeholders showed great interest in the JA activities and aims and most of the attendees are willing to collaborate by disseminating ADVANTAGE JA results, adopting future recommendations stemming from it and participating in future Stakeholder meetings. The feedback and the suggestions made will help each MS, as well as the JA as a whole to improve future work of the JA and aspects related to the stakeholders´ role in ADVANTAGE to foster closer collaboration.


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In the framework of the Urban Health Centers Europe project we invite you to participate to the event “Innovation in care: How to improve quality of life and services for an ageing population?” that will take place in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on the 18th and 19th of May 2017. The event will be held by UHCE together with four leading networks of European authorities working in health and social care: EUROCITIES, ENSA (European Network for Social Authorities) and ELISAN (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network) and the European Covenant on Demographic Change.
In particular, for the purpose of the ADVANTAGE Project we invite you to participate to the ENSA working group on elderly and disability on the 19th may 2017.

The agenda of the events will be the following:


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