Joint Actions are a funding instrument under the third EU Health Programme. They are designed and financed by Member State authorities and the EU to address specific priorities under the EU Health Programme.

Joint Actions have a clear EU added value – they are expected to contribute to solving problems at the European level, and to have a greater impact that single national activities, especially at policy making level. They are co-financed either by competent authorities that are responsible for health in the Member States (e.g. Health Ministries) or in the third countries participating in the Programme, or by public sector bodies and non-governmental bodies mandated by those competent authorities.

Joint Actions involve on average 25 partners, depending on the scope of the action, must be related to the existing EU policies in the field of public health and in other policy fields and must not duplicate actions that can be taken at Member State level.

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“A comprehensive approach to promote a disability-free advanced age in Europe: the JAHEE initiative”

EU Health Program is a Joint Action with 22 Member States (MS) and 33 organizations involved. It is co-funded by the European Union and the MS.

Partners work together to summarize the current State of the Art of the different components of frailty and its management, both at a personal and population level and increase knowledge in the field of frailty to build a common understanding on frailty to be used by participating MS.

The final output will be the “Frailty prevention approach” (FPA), a common European model to tackle frailty and indicate what should be prioritized in the next years at European, National and Regional level and on which to base a common management approach of older people who are frail or at risk of developing frailty in the European Union (EU).

The identification of the core components of frailty and its management should promote the needed changes in the organization and the implementation of the Health and Social Systems.

This will support sustainable models of care that, taking into consideration the particular health profile of each MS, will allow them to face the challenge of frailty within a common framework.

EU Health Program addresses policy makers involved in planning and developing health and social care policies and strategies for older people; health and social care professionals and formal and informal carers, who implement the necessary changes into the everyday practice; and frail older people, or those at risk of frailty, as well as the EU population at large.

This will lead to the development and implementation of improved strategies for diagnosis, care, research, and education about frailty, disability and multi-morbidity. This will also reduce the burden and inefficiency in care delivery through support for self-management, better care planning and coordination, innovative organisational approaches and better collaboration between professional and informal care.


It implements the EU Consumer Programme and the Better Training for Safer Food initiative as well as the EU Health Programme, which co-funds the JAHEE Joint Action.

The Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) provide a professional service in performing the tasks and activities entrusted to it by the European Commission (EC), and it works closely with the EC Directorate-General Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) that has the policy leadership on the EU health-related policies aiming to protect and improve public health.

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