The conference “Focus: Frailty – prevention and management of a geriatric syndrome” took place in Vienna, at the Federal Ministry of Health and Women's Affairs on the 1th of December 2017.


The main purpose of this event was to present first results and objectives of the Joint Action ADVANTAGE and to create awareness to the stakeholders in Austria for the topic of frailty. Further, the conference was the kick-off for the national dissemination of the results from ADVANTAGE.
The program was enriched by top-class lecturers who looked at frailty from different perspectives. The conference was opened by the Federal Minister of Health and Women's Affairs and the rector of the Medical University of Graz.

The event was spilt into two programmes:

During the morning sessions participants were offered short input presentations covering background information on epidemiology and impact of frailty in Austria, addressing frailty in the context of the Austrian health goals. The guest speaker from Germany (Ulrike Junius-Walker MD) presented results from WP04 addressing the conceptualization of frailty. Finally an overview on results from the WPs 05-08 was presented. To wrap up the morning session, an Austrian best practice model on frailty prevention and frailty management was presented ( The presentations were given by partners involved into ADVANTAGE and Stakeholders from the Federal Ministry of Health and Women's Affairs.

In the second part of the meeting participants had the opportunity to contribute their experiences and ideas about frailty in an open market place format. Discussions on four different topics led to a number of possible solutions to tackle frailty in Austria. The discussions were very lively and fruitful and ideas and comments were collected and transcribed for further evaluation by the ministry of health and the Austrian JA partners.
The conference was a big success. The goal of creating awareness on the topic of frailty and presenting ADVANTAGE was achieved. About 80 national stakeholders took part and showed great interest in the presented topics and the activities of ADVANTAGE.

First Austrian stakeholder meeting short report

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