The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) are working together to promote their twinning schemes to the people of Europe.

These are real opportunities for sites and regions throughout Europe to get together, meet, and share their experiences. The twinning scheme aims to reduce any risks related to investing in innovative digital ICT solutions. It does so by financing the exchange of knowledge and good practice in digital health solutions that have a high potential for replicability and scaling up.
EIP on AHA twinnings: This call concentrates on digitally-enabled innovative ICT solutions for health and care delivery for the ageing population. These twinnings are open to Reference Sites that received their status as result of the 2019 calls for Reference Sites. More info:
DigitalHealthEurope twinnings: This call focuses on supporting local, regional and national health and care providers in Europe (adopters) that wish to adopt innovative solutions which are available for transfer from another local, regional and national health and care provider (originators) in Europe. More info: #Call4Twinnings