There was a national frailty conference with international participation held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on November, 21st 2018.

It was organized by the National Institute of public Health, Ministry of Health and World Health Organization. The conference focused on age-related challenges with an emphasis on frailty. national conference audienceMid-term results of the Advantage JA were presented, focusing on the results of the work package that deals with management of frailty at an individual level (WP6). On the conference also the new models of integrated care for frailty (WP7) were presented. Furthermore the WHO perspective on the role of integrated care for frailty prevention, as well aplicative solutions to contribute to the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, and care of frailty were presented. The conference brought together a wide array of important stakeholders, including high-level political representatives. Therefore we believe our messages were widely heard and will hopefully contribute to further actions towards better prevention and management of frailty in Slovenia, as well EU member states.
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