Policy and professional leaders from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man were joined by the Director of Integrated Care from the Republic of Ireland for a Frailty Symposium in Edinburgh on 22nd February 2018. Sixteen delegates connected face to face and virtually. They represented a broad range of disciplines including nursing, rehabilitation, allied health professionals, emergency medicine, geriatric medicine, primary care and palliative care. Their roles spanned policy, practice, quality improvement, education and research related to older people, integrated care, public health and chronic disease.


The event aims were:

  • To inform the ADVANTAGE JA Member State survey response from the UK nations
  • ‘Asset mapping’ and knowledge exchange on frailty initiatives across the UK and Ireland
  • An opportunity to explore gaps and identify potential areas for future collaboration

Delegates shared innovations and insights on different aspects of frailty:

- Prevention and early intervention
- Co-ordinated care and support in the community
- Integrated care pathways for urgent specialist assessment
- Education and workforce development.

The lively discussion highlighted a number of topics with potential for collaborative research and education on person centred integrated care and support to prevent, identify, assess, and manage frailty across the whole system of care.
The knowledge exchange event was welcomed as a valuable networking opportunity that strengthened our commitment to frailty as a shared across the UK and Ireland.
Delegates will continue to promote interest in ADVANTAGE JA in their country and to signpost colleagues to the State of the Art resources through the website and social media.
Tweets from the day can be found at @Advantage_JA.
A short report, pictures and presentations from the symposium are available on ADVANTAGE JA Project website.