The ADVANTAGE JA External Advisory Board (EAB) has been set-up in June 2018. It is a responsibility of the Coordinator’s team (Work Package 1) who has been in charge of setting it up and will coordinate the undertaking of their tasks.
Their main contributions will be related with critically reading and giving sound advice based on their own knowledge and experience on the Frailty Prevention Approach document that will be discussed at the Madrid Forum, on the 13th of December.

The EAB will:

  • Provide non-binding strategic advice to add value to the technical work prepared by the ADVANTAGE JA partners.
  • Critical reading of draft report of the Frailty Prevention Approach (FPA). Members will give a written individual opinion on what might be revised to improve the drafts.
  • Discuss with the Coordination Team (WP1) their respective comments to the ADVANTAGE JA drafts and ways to incorporate their feed-back into the final documents.
  • Participate in the Madrid Forum (13th December 2018) where the FPA documents will be officially presented and discussed with the ADVANTAGE JA partners and external stakeholders.

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