The phenomenon of the population ageing brings about several challenges. Among the others, the increasing demand for care and support of frail older people is challenging health and social care systems in Europe. 


On the one hand, older people's needs are becoming more complex (e.g. multiple diseases, chronic conditions, coexistent social needs) and thus require multiple interventions. On the other hand, health and social care systems shall optimise care service utilisation and costs. Integrated care programmes, namely those initiatives providing personalised and integrated care to frail older people in their own home environment, have been recognised as a promising strategy for both meeting needs of older individuals and sustaining health and social care systems. However, some key questions still remain. How can we further improve and increase integrated care for elderly people living at home? How can we also make these improvements applicable and available to other health and social care systems in Europe?

In this context, SUSTAIN project aims at supporting improvements to integrated care initiatives by fostering a person-centred, prevention-oriented, safe and efficient care and at identifying how to transfer specific practical good-practices of existing initiatives to other health and social care systems. SUSTAIN is a four-year European research project funded under the Horizon 2020 program, coordinated by Dr. de Bruin at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, involving 9 countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Lessons learned by SUSTAIN project will be translated into practical tools to inform and support policy-makers and other stakeholders involved in integrated care managing and improving care for frail older people living at home.
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