ProMIS - Mattone Internazionale Salute Programme is organizing on July 5-6, 2018, a workshop in Ancona entitled "The commitment of European healthcare systems to prevent and manage the frailty challenge".


The event will be an opportunity of comparison on the frailty issue and its relative dimensions (clinic, psychological, social and economic) in the effort to design coordinated implementation frameworks across different regional settings.

Representatives of the European Institutions, OECD, Ministry of Health, international and national Agencies will take part in the event.

The logic of the event is to provide an evidence-based framework to address the challenge of the ageing population, with a focus on frailty, in the effort to design coordinated implementation frameworks across different locoregional settings.

The afternoon session of the first day will be addressed to the presentation of shared priorities for frailty at the international level in terms of public health.

The second day will focus on different regional contexts, especially on two different levels: the first on good practices emerged in Europe trying to identify a common thread that unites them; the second concerns the identification of the enabling factors and possible future scenarios of the services offered by the Regional Health Systems thanks to the use of new sustainable business models. Finally, it will be particularly important to understand how the national strategic public health actors can support the Regions to replicate and transfer "winning" experiences in their local contexts.

Participation at the event is free of charge, after registration. It is possible to register until July 02, 2018

The conference will be simultaneously translated in Italian and in English.

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