JAHEE JOINT ACTION – Final Meeting – Bruxelles, 27th Novembre 2019


  • Frailty in the European Union: JAHEE JA achievements. The JAHEE recommendations – Leocadio Rodríguez Mañas, JAHEE JA Coordinator – Hospital Universitario de Getafe
  • JAHEE State of the Art Report – Anne Hendry, NHS Lanarkshire
  • The JAHEE Member States Survey – Roberto Bernabei, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
  • The JAHEE communication, awareness and dissemination results – Giovanni Lagalla, Marche Regional Agency for health
  • The French case study around the program “For ageing well” and new directions – Eliane Vanhecke, French Ministry of Health
  • JAHEE Domain 4 case study: The Consensus Document on frailty and falls – Pilar Aparicio, General Director of Public Health of the Spanish Ministry of Health
  • Case Study Domain 10: Scotland Reshaping Care for Older People – Peter Knight, Head of Information. ISD National Services Scotland
  • AIM Position Papers – Erik Koch, International Association of Mutual Benefits Societies (AIM)
  • Perspectives on FPA and the potential contribution of the European Geriatric Medicine Society – Finbarr Martin, European Geriatrics Medicine Society (EUGMS)
  • AGE’s perspective on the findings and recommendation of the JAHEE JA – Julia Wadoux, Age Platform Europe (Support Text Slides)
  • The way forward after JAHEE JA: insights from OECD work on ageing – Tiago Cravo, OECD
  • The European Partnership for Health Equity and Wellbeing – Alexandra Latham, EuroHealt Net.


  • JAHEE JA #faceuptofrailty
  • JAHEE Stories
  • Integrated model of care and support to prevent and manage Frailty