Asociación Instituto de Investigación en Servicios de Salud (KRONIKGUNE)

kronikgune EN logo rev01KRONIKGUNE is a research centre on chronicity of the Basque Country, Spain. It entrusts institutional representation on international projects and actions aimed at developing products and services and their deployment for the whole Basque population (2,3M inhabitants).
KRONIKGUNE´s area of expertise comprises the study of the Health services necessary for the management of chronic disease, evaluation of health services and identification of determinants in the management of chronicity, with a common framework that integrates both social and health aspects.
KRONIKGUNE analyzes strategies for health promotion, including individual and structural actions and action models in community health; studies stratification models and their usefulness to predict needs and adequacy of resources for chronic patients; the design of personalized care (care management for high-risk patients, chronic patient integrated, and multidisciplinary collaborative care programs) and patient empowerment. Best models and management services for chronicity, including funding, contracting services, integrated care systems, technologies or new professional roles. The strategies and advanced methods of decision making, organizational transformation and innovation, including research in developing new products and technologies for e-Health (diagnosis, support, monitoring, coordination, learning).
Moreover, KRONIKGUNE is representing the Department of Health of the Basque Government in the EIP AHA, and is leading the action area on Risk Stratification of the B3 Action Plan on Integrated Care.

Affiliated entities:

logo osakidetza rev01The Basque Country has a universal health insurance system which is financed through general taxes. The public healthcare provider is Servicio Vasco de Salud-Osakidetza (acronym: OSAKIDETZA). All the public hospitals and primary care centers of the Basque Region are under this governmental organization. The Basque Health System includes 320 primary care centers, 14 acute hospitals (4,278 beds), four sub-acute hospitals (524 beds), 4 psychiatric hospitals (777 beds) and 2 contracted long term mental hospitals. Osakidetza has a target population of more than 2 million inhabitants. Currently, aging and chronic conditions account for 80% of the medical consultation in the Basque Country taking 75% of the total health budget.