Istituto Nazionale di Riposo e Cura per Anziani INRCA (INRCA)

logo ad alta risoluzione2The Italian National Centre on Health and Science on Aging (INRCA) is an Italian public health care and research organisation with about 1,100 employees. Its headquarter is based in Ancona, with branches operating in three Italian Regions (Marche, Lombardia, Calabria), through four geriatric hospitals, an Alzheimer day care centre, a nursing home and a multidisciplinary Scientific and Technology Research Facility.
INRCA is the only research institute specifically focused on geriatric and gerontological topics in Italy. This allows INRCA to carry out high-quality clinical and translational research in biomedical and health care services areas, as well as to provide evidence and recommendations to public and private institutions concerning the socio-economic impact of ageing.
Given its dual role within the national health research network and in the Regional Health Services, INRCA aims at:
· achieving the highest research standards through the implementation of translational research and clinical trials (increasing evidence-base care interventions outcomes);
· being an excellence centre for geriatric research and care at a regional, national and international level;
· increasing know-how in geriatric care, guaranteeing also “intergenerational” knowledge transfer between senior and junior professionals;
· focusing on frailty as a multidimensional concept (entailing a social, economic, environmental and health component) and studying multi-component strategies.