Agence Nationale De Sante Publique (ANSP)

Logo Sante publique France rev01Santé publique France serves the population in all aspects of public health based on scientific knowledge, data, and information. It supports the government and society in improving the health and well-being of the population. It applies a population-based approach with the objective of reducing social health inequalities in all areas of public health: Infectious diseases, Non communicable diseases, Environmental health, and Occupational health. Santé publique France is in charge of the following missions:
• Analyze up-to-date knowledge and data on the determinants of health and risk factors.
• Provide decision makers at all levels with independent evidence-based guidance and recommendations.
• Propose measures to health authorities to protect the population from health threats.
• Develop evidence-based interventions for prevention and health promotion.
• Contribute to preparedness and management of health crisis, and provide support for the implementation of response plans.
Santé publique France has a specific program dedicated to elderly health’s surveillance, promotion and prevention. Specific work relates to the building of frailty and multimorbidity monitoring system, and to the development of a national action plan on prevention of elderly health through an integrated/global approach.