Hrvatski Zavod Za Javno Zdravstvo (CIPH)

LOG CIPH rev01Croatian Institute of Public Health is a central public health institute in the Republic of Croatia.
It was founded in 1893 with the aim of promoting health and welfare of the population. CIPH deals with public health, health promotion and education, disease prevention, microbiology, environmental health, school medicine, mental health care and addiction prevention. CIPH’s main tasks are to plan, promote and implement measures for the enhancement of population health and reduction of health problems.

 It prepares and implements prevention programmes and other health care measures aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle. CIPH carries out epidemiological surveillance and proposes, organizes and undertakes preventive and counter-epidemic measures. It also plays a crucial role in planning, supervision and evaluation of immunization. In addition, CIPH performs duties concerned with the analysis and evaluation of water safety and the impact of environmental factors on human health.

The Institute functions as a statistical authority which maintains national public health registries, supervises data storage and coordinates the work of other health registers. It coordinates the network of regional public health institutes, actively participates in the creation of health policy and public health regulations and engages in international co-operation for the purposes of improving public health and welfare.