The ADVANTAGE JA main outcome will be a common European model to approach frailty, leading to the development of improved strategies for diagnosis, care and education for frailty, disability and multi-morbidity. The JA outcomes are expected to contribute to the prevention of the growing burden of disability and chronic diseases and to a more effective response to older people needs of care delivery. ADVANTAGE JA implementation is particularly relevant in Europe as it addresses the demographic change and the associated increasing demand for social and health care, which is a central priority for the EU and its MS.

To achieve this, the JA will focus on:
(1) building a common understanding of the concept and operative definition of frailty versus chronic diseases interventions in the European framework;
(2) developing methodologies and tools for assessment of pre-frail and frail people;
(3) preparing common health care guidelines or frameworks on screening, assessing, and intervening to promote better health in older people and reduce the burden of frailty and chronic diseases.

ADVANTAGE JA will create beyond the state-of-the-art progress in the field of frailty achieved through its public deliverables. During the implementation of the JA, the deliverables will be progressively made available to the public through this page.


WP2 Communication, awareness and dissemination:

Press Releases 


Template Presentation


WP3 – Evaluation of the JA

Evaluation Plan


WP4 - Knowing frailty at individual level

In progress


WP5 - Knowing frailty at population level

In progress


WP6 - Managing frailty at individual level

In progress


WP7 - Models of Care to prevent or delay progression of frailty and enable people to live well with frailty

In progress


WP8 - Extending and Expanding the knowledge on frailty to foster innovative policy on frailty

In progress