INCASO thematic network aims at improving people-centred health care solutions defining a common vocabulary, specific priorities and interests and creating synergies among partners and at EU level on the topic, also through the mapping and the collection of good practices.

In particular, INCASO aims at:

- promoting the exchange of regional good practices that can impact at national/European level;
- creating synergies with existing European networks/partnerships for the sharing of strategies, policies and interventions;
- locate a single keyword to process shared tools to work within organizational innovation.

INCASOThe main concept of INCASO is integrating people- centred health services by putting the comprehensive needs of people and communities at the centre of health systems and empowering people to have a more active role in their own health.

On the 3rd on May the INCASO 1st webinar went online to present the main objectives of INCASO. The webinar is available on the EU Health policy platform, both in the AGORA and the Thematic Network INCASO.

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